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An International Emmy nomination! For Escape From Isis

We were only a teeny tiny part of a much bigger team that made this possible

Directed by Ed Watts

Iraqi producer Hassan Ashwor

ITN Productions - George Waldrum and Siobhan Sinnerton for Dispatches

Ronachan Films - Sam Collyns and Angus Macqueen

Evan Williams Productions

The team is aiming to be in New York September 21st in the company of amazing people also nominated in the category. See you there! (P.S. Anyone got a limo we can borrow?)



Egypt’s Arab Spring – 5 Years Later

Guardian - Mahmoud
Released on 25 January 2016, our second documentary for the Guardian looking at the 5 Year Anniversary of the Arab Spring.
Two years ago, Egypt’s government detained Mahmoud Hussein for wearing an anti-torture t-shirt. He is thought to be the youngest prisoner of conscience in the Arab world. By law, he should be released today. But will he be? We made this film for The Guardian about his Arab Spring.
Watch the film:
UPDATE: The Egyptian government has broken their own laws and decided NOT to release or try Mahmoud, despite exceeding the 2-year limit of pre-trial detention. Here is a link to the Amnesty petition for the release of Mahmoud if you want to do something after watching the film: