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Moe has a moment…

…halfway up Everest, in the middle of crossing a crevice, his feet get frozen to the crossing ladder.

We are now on episode eight on Qatar Television of On Top of The World. A series following the first Qatari man, first Saudi woman and first Palestinian man up to the top of Everest in 2013. They were all climbing to raise money for Reach Out to Asia.

Tune in tonight.

Testing your balance…

…it’s a very important things to do when you are about to climb up Everest. The guides have some challenging ways and means of teaching.

Episode seven of On Top of the World was released on QTV this week. Check out the team getting ready for their first climb through the ice field.

Dana’s first performance….

The room was packed and oh how they roared for more at the end.

We are so proud of Dana Al Fardan and her new album Paint.

Download the album on itunes…and look back through our blog for the video of her first single, Paint.

Drumroll please…….DANA is here. Presenting her first single – PAINT

Dana Al Fardan – the self-taught musician, mum of one, and girl with a magic laugh and wicked smile – has launched her first album, PAINT.

We were lucky enough to be asked to make the video for the single. And here it is. We think that the video marries perfectly the two sides of Qatar and of Dana too. Her strength and elegance. The power of her story through the music. And the cold heights of the city versus the raw hot desert of the summer here in Qatar.

We had just two days and a crew of three. But we did it….and we are pretty proud of the result. Most of all we are proud to be able to launch Dana’s unique talent to the world.

THANK YOU team Mediadante for all your work to bring this together.

Will Garthwaite – The Director

Joe Saade – The DOP

Adam Sobel – The producer

And to the beautiful, hard working actresses Tamara Devonshire and Anna Blackmore…you rock.


A perfect campaign ad…

Not ours FYI. But very impressive! You need the sound on.

On the QUK runway…

In September we worked with QUK to film their Fashion Exchange show at the V + A museum…three Qatari designers on an English runway with accessories from Philip Traecy and Asprey no less.

It was amazing to watch these Qatari designers and the organisers of QUK pull together such an amazing event on the back of the long summer and Eid.



Moe on the move….

Sheikh Moe Al Thani…the Qatari adventurer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, husband and father of two we followed up Everest with our cameras is off on a speaking tour around the UK. He will be talking at UCL 6pm on November 6th.

Everyone should meet this man, he is a true inspiration. A bundle of energy and dreams…and most importantly solutions on how to follow them.

It is all part of the QUK – Qatar UK – cultural partnership with which we have been much involved here at Mediadante.

Making some Serious pictures

Mediadante are supporting Serious Pictures in their latest Qatari adventure….it is all for the National Day team and the Qatar Museums Authority and top secret for the time being.

A BIG thank you to our team Ania, Hassan, Carla and Tom for your endless sunrises and sunsets.

And Tom Merillon (the Serious director) and Paul Mcnally, (the very Serious producer) for your chuckling leaps around, through and over the Qatari production assault course.

And Elias, our ever-energetic intern, with his fabulous hair.

You are making magic beanstalks outta beans and 24 hours outta 10.



Meet Bassam our sound man…on Everest

Sometimes Bassam Lebbos, our wonderful soundman, decides to stop listening and telling everyone to be quiet and starts making noise…this time it was a much deserved break after a long day’s walk up the Everest trail. Another episode of On Top of The World is released tonight on QTV at 10.30pm. this one sees Moe Al Thani and his team head to Kathmandu and get ready for the big climb up Everest. Find out just what that means by watching tonight. And don’t forget to DONATE to cause they all climbed for – Reach Out to Asia education projects in Nepal -

Brazil? Denada…

We will shortly be setting up a tiny satellite office in Brazil as work seems to be sending us that way – we have one wonderfully talented producer/director/editor fluent in arabic, english and quite a lot of Portuguese and two award-winning producer/shooters on the ground both fluent in English and Portuguese. Do get in touch with us if you are looking to make a film on the ground over there.