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Behind the scenes on our music video for Dana Al Fardan

We just spent the weekend running elevators up and down glass towers in Doha and then through the singing dunes of Qatar with Will Garthwaite directing the a music video for Dana al Fardan.

We think she is probably going to be the first Qatari international music star. She writes, she plays, she sings. She is all round fab.

Watch this space….more details to be released in Time Out Doha in November about the launch.

Thank you so much to the actresses – beautiful Tamara Devonshire, with her wonderful subtle touch. And the unstoppable Anna “the body” Blackmore.

And the team:

Adam Sobel – the producer and art director

Joe Saade – The DOP

And finally 49th Street Customs for our rocking desert vehicle….say Hello! to “Baby”.

The September Show

We went to London with some Qatari designers and the Qatar UK organisation and saw them put on an amazing show at the V+A museum. The organisers had only two hours to put up the stage before the runway started. What the video doesn’t show is quite how many people were there – around 500 turned up. It was a wonderful buzzy coming together of creative people from Qatar and the UK. Fashion daaaaarling and we loved it.

Secrets of An Arab City

We have had an amazing and challenging six month journey around the world to discover the best of the old and new ways to build and run a modern city. There is no one simple answer and each city has its own problems…all of them though have one thing in common, a rapidly growing population and diminishing resources.

It has been such a privilege getting to know this vast subject through the eyes of city planner and urbanite Bassam Al Mannai. This is an English translation to the intro of his programme.

By 2050 one third of the world’s population will live in cities.With limited water resources the Arab world faces one of the biggest challenges; the UN says the urban population is set to double here in the next forty years.

Cities are exploding, but with little thought to urban planning or liveability, it is all about coping with the now rather than preparing for the crowded future.

In this series my team of researchers and I aim to find out how to perfect the Anatomy of an Arab City. The knowledge is already out there; it just needs to be rediscovered, redirected and embraced by planners worldwide today.

In this groundbreaking series we will travel the world to show you the extraordinary lessons we can learn from the way cities were planned and built by our forefathers.

We will uncover where the failure to plan and build properly has lead to a breakdown in the way society lives.

And we’ll be meeting designers, architects and artists who are reinventing the space we live in to meet the needs of our very modern age.

And it all starts and finishes right here in my home city, Doha.



A bird’s eye view of the world…

Fantastic, literal bird’s-eye view. GoPro strapped to an eagle.

Adam Curtis – we salute you

For your constant questioning of “established” history and generally accepted truths. Read more and watch more (if you are in the UK) on Adam Curtis’s blog.

Russell Brand Versus Jeremy Paxman

Rarely have I seen Paxo so speechless and a Newsnight interviewee so speech full…Russell Brand’s excellent blog is well worth a read right now. A lot of sensible things spill from this very bonkers looking bloke’s lips