New government guidelines for filming in Qatar

The Qatar News Agency has sent us new advice for how foreign visiting news can film inside Qatar. This is the first time they have issued such clear guidelines and although the bar is high at least we know what we have to do…the most crucial parts are highlighted. Covering the story of the workers is still considered a matter of national security so please do not expect any requests in that direction to lead to a film permit. You can request a tour of the camps through the Government Communications Office.

****below is their full official letter with a couple of format changes to make it work for this blog****

QNA 2016 Procedures for Filming Permission

In order for us to precede with your request to temporary import your camera equipment to do filming in Doha you are advised to visit the Embassy of the State of Qatar in your country to inform them about your project and provide the embassy with the following information / cc to

  • A complete list of the names of the crew together with colour copies of their passports.
  • A full complete list of all camera and SNG and or Audio equipment you will be bringing into the country as hand carried accompanied baggage.
  • Areas you would like to film
  • An official letter of approval from your organization as well as an official letter from the organization you will visit to make your film and or broadcast. These letters must mention all the names of your crew and must state the reason and mission of the visit to Qatar. These letters on company headed paper and signed by a senior member of staff.

The official letters to be addressed to:
Mr. Ahmed AL Buainain Director, Foreign Media, QNA

to be

  • The required information must be sent at least 20-25 days prior to your visit to Doha. For further details and/or clarification please do not hesitate to contact.
  • Please be advised not to make any travel arrangements until your documents are near completion.

    The Foreign Media Department, Qatar News Agency Email: