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Our film for Rights Watch UK

It was a fascinating journey working with Rights Watch UK as they prepared to launch their latest report on the damaging Prevent strategy in schools. The director, Sasha Achilli was faced with challenges in turning the stories of these pupils into a truly engaging film without exposing them to even more public scrutiny. The producer, Rosie Garthwaite, happened to be friends with Rob Faurewalker and already had a basic (wine-fuelled) education in the damaging impact of Prevent inside his own Tower Hamlets classroom. It was brilliantly edited by Michelle Tsen

All this was released on the same day as the inventor of Prevent, Theresa May, became Prime Minister of the UK….it is going to be a long and tough path towards change. You can sign here if you feel strongly that it should be stopped.

For more detail there is a great report by our old friend Anealla Safdar here on Al Jazeera online.