Time to celebrate – Jungle Post

The team has done it! The school building is complete, even the playing field outside is prepared and on Monday after a very hard earned day of rest the team will celebrate with a football tournament held by the village.

Today girls have been making Acai juice – which is one of the main sources of income for the villagers. The boys have been out spear fishing along the Amazon with a few Brazilian hunters.

The local mayor visited on Saturday as the final touches were being being put into place at the building. We should have pictures for you by Tuesday.

They are extremely proud of the work they have done and all they have achieved to make it this far…. but now only thing the team is talking about right now is quite how good their first shower, proper meal and mosquito-free sleep is going to be when they get back to Manaus tomorrow. The jungle has been amazing, but the insects will not be missed! Goodbye little fellas.

Mediadante salutes the adventurers.